About Us

About Us


Standing at the edge of worldwide innovation and the rise of AI, we are in need of interdisciplinary talent. In light of this trend, National Taiwan Normal University set up the first industry-university cooperative holding company in Taiwan, “NTNU Innovative Investment Holding Company”.

As the leading inter-disciplinary university in the field of education, fine arts, innovation, technology, sports, NTNU offers the most competitive and diverse talents.

Shareholders from a wide range of industries offer unique resources and an abundance of experience. Cultivating world-class unicorn businesses with the four major characteristics: Inter-disciplinary approach, Cross-border advantage, Joint professor-student entrepreneurship, and Corporate social responsibility.



NTNU is the leading university in a wide range of studies, providing NII Capital with students from multiple backgrounds. This inter-disciplinary approach is the competitive edge of NII Capital.


NTNU students and professors have frequent interactions with elites from all around the world, gaining a global perspective and building international network. We believe that this international orientation is a key factor to success.

Joint professor-student entrepreneurship

Combining the natural creativity of students with the solid academic and practical background of professors, forming the perfect start-up team.

Corporate Social Responsibility

NII Capital is dedicated to creating a close collaboration between industry and university, providing individual support and coaching, aiding each business through its growth stage. We also encourage startups to not only evaluate its own financial and operational condition, but also take into account the societal and environmental percussions. Thus forming an entrepreneurial ecosystem with greater corporate social responsibility.